We're an econometrics research and reading group, meeting weekly throughout the year.  Frank is the Big Kahuna, but he is routinely eclipsed by the others -- energetic and talented students, both Ph.D. and undergraduate.   All of our work involves predictive modeling, typically in time-series environments.  Our recent and ongoing focus is on climate change, the macroeconomy, financial markets, and the interface.

Vintage 2021-2022

Frank Max Boyuan Aaron Dan Liza Emma Ashmit

Recent Expatriates

Phil  (2021) JiWhan (2021) Tony (2021) Akshay  (2020) Preston  (2020) David  (2019) JoonYup (2018) Jorge (2018) Umut (2018)  Ken (2017) Theo (2017) Sarah (2017) Modibo (2016) Max (2015) Minchul (2015)